Icon Innovations

We have been working with Peter Wennersten and Peter Keeble of Icon Innovations for the last three years. In that time they have developed concepts and ideas to market and promote St Spyridon College, and created for us a distinctive “public” identity through words, images and design.

In the lead-up to commencing work on design, they spent considerable time in researching our College, finding out what “outsiders” had to say about us, and indeed what, if anything, they knew about us.

They gave us invaluable insights into what we needed to do to “lift the veil” from our school, which they described as a hidden treasure. They assisted us greatly in adopting an annual planned and coherent schedule of marketing and promotional activities.

Their sensitivity to our budget helped us to make cost effective choices. They also supported us with parent surveys and in the presentation of the outcomes of surveys to parents.

Peter and Peter have been invaluable to us as consultants in the review and renewal of our marketing and promotions schedule, always encouraging us to try new ways to take our College forward in this important area.

By carefully listening to us, they have been able to encapsulate those things we most value about our College and community in everything they create for us.

All relevant materials-advertising, website, outdoor posters, publications and templating of school documents, now have a look and feel that assists in building the St Spyridon College brand.

We look forward to continuing our work with Icon Innovations in the future, as their professionalism and integrity is only matched by their warmth and capacity to work with varying personalities and competing demands with patience and good humour.