Icon Innovations

I needed a marketing website to promote and sell professional online courses for teachers. The courses had already been running for years under another organisation’s banner but I wanted to start marketing my own product OS.

I worked with Pete from Icon Innovations. Pete took me from knowing nothing about WordPress, nor principles behind a content based marketing website, nor the process of creating content, nor SEO and schooled me at my own pace in all those things and more. He built the basic site and then trickle fed me the ‘How to’s’ of Word Press so that I could drive the beast myself.

Now I have a fully fledged marketing site for my business Learn Implement Share from which courses can be purchased, have a system to crank out regular articles, and can perform almost any WP task/edit I want at any time. Very empowering.

I absolutely recommend Icon Innovations. There’s no spin and no rhetoric but lots of integrity and professionalism. The process is real, feet-on-the-ground, this-is-what-you-need-to-do stuff. Thank you so much Icon Innovations. I’m in a very, very different place to what I was a year ago.