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Tips on getting the most out of your live video meeting.

This is your meeting, use it whatever way you like. Whether it be to explore an idea, run a specific marketing strategy or simply a learning session to get the most out of WordPress. To make the most of your live video meeting  here are four suggestions to make the most of our time.

  • Be prepared. Focus on the One thing that if unlocked or applied could return 10x results for your business. Make your booking with plenty of time to be ready and focused.
  • Keep things simple. Try not to use jargon, prepare a one page plan or summary of the main points and goals you are trying to achieve.
  • Send us the outline first. With your outline we can have some time to think of the best options and prepare ahead with the necessary resources.
  • Don’t leave or move onto something else after the meeting. Spend some time to complete your notes and gather your thoughts. Turn these ideas into action points and next step items. To help with this we will also do the same and if requested will provide a recording of the meeting.

With a little preparation you can gain a lot of clarity and direction for you project or business. If you want maximum results you can email your outline before your booking. We are here to listen and apply our knowledge to ensure you get the very best results.