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We call it The Nod Factor

It really doesn’t matter how good this site is or even all the examples we prepare. In the end the most important aspect of our business is our relationship with our clients. So here we have the customer response to our service.

It could be a smile which signals your agreement to what the speaker is saying. It may even be a question where even if the answer is negative it remains a nod.

Message received and understood.

If you would like to know more or would like to engage us to help you engage more with your customers, please contact us.

We have been working with Peter Wennesten and Peter Keeble of Icon Innovations for the last three years. In that time they have developed concepts and ideas to market and promote our College, and created for us a distinctive “public” identity through words, images and design.

In the lead-up to commencing work on design, they spent considerable time in researching our College, finding out what “outsiders” had to say about us, and indeed what, if anything, they knew about us.

They gave us invaluable insights into what we needed to do to “lift the veil” from our school, which they described as a hidden treasure. They assisted us greatly in adopting an annual planned and coherent schedule of marketing and promotional activities.

Their sensitivity to our budget helped us to make cost effective choices. They also supported us with parent surveys and in the presentation of the outcomes of surveys to parents.

Peter and Peter have been invaluable to us as consultants in the review and renewal of our marketing and promotions schedule, always encouraging us to try new ways to take our College forward in this important area.

By carefully listening to us, they have been able to encapsulate those things we most value about our College and community in everything they create for us.

All relevant materials-advertising, website, outdoor posters, publications and templating of school documents, now have a look and feel that assists in building College brand.

We look forward to continuing our work with Icon Innovations in the future, as their professionalism and integrity is only matched by their warmth and capacity to work with varying personalities and competing demands with patience and good humour.

Mrs. Efrosini Stefanou-Haag

Head of College, St Spyridon College

My website was outdated and I had been frustrated by attempts to improve the design with several other web designers.

Peter listened to my ideas and produced a beautiful and contemporary website. The image presented by the website was something I felt proud to associate with my dermatology practice.

I have a great website and brand. Peter encourages me to contribute information to the site to keep it relevant and informative. We have a great working relationship. I would definitely recommend Peter for all the reasons mentioned above.

Robert McDonald

Owner Sky Blue Dermatology, Sky Blue Dermatology

You know, I love those extreme makeover TV shows where you watch a person or a place transform. My favourite moment is the ‘big reveal.’ In the past few months I’ve been undergoing my own extreme makeover – rebranded, a new logo, a new website, a new business plan.

The first time I met Peter Wennersten from Icon Innovations at a coffee shop in Coogee to ‘brief’ him, I spoke non-stop for an hour about my ideas, my plans, my works in progress. I could almost hear his thoughts, ‘How do I solve a problem like Joanne?’ In his quiet, thoughtful, creative and grounded manner, he has deconstructed everything I do, and reconstructed it into one website.

I know it can’t be easy to tame the chaos that is me, but he’s done it (with so much more still to come – this is just the start). And today is the big reveal. I hope you love it as much as I do (ps move your mouse over the opening image… it’s magical)

Joanne Fedler

Owner Joanne Fedler Media, Joanne Fedler

We have found the services of Icon Innovations to be of a very high, quality, standard.

The organisation is most reliable and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any company looking for graphic design, website or creative requirements.

Meon Nehrybecki

Dealer Principal, Authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer, Marshalls Motors - High Quality Standard

Peter and his staff at Icon Innovations have done great things with the Kairos website. People say that we have made the biggest improvement in the shortest time that they have seen.

Icon Innovations really has been very helpful, from site design to final production, working with our content advisors, colours, images and layout to produce a truly helpful website and brand image.

Keep up the good work,

Tony Carter <><

CEO, Kairos Prison Ministry Australia, Kairos Prison Ministries

I needed a marketing website to promote and sell professional online courses for teachers. The courses had already been running for years under another organisation’s banner but I wanted to start marketing my own product OS.

I worked with Pete from Icon Innovations. Pete took me from knowing nothing about WordPress, nor principles behind a content based marketing website, nor the process of creating content, nor SEO and schooled me at my own pace in all those things and more. He built the basic site and then trickle fed me the ‘How to’s’ of Word Press so that I could drive the beast myself.

Now I have a fully fledged marketing site for my business Learn Implement Share from which courses can be purchased, have a system to crank out regular articles, and can perform almost any WP task/edit I want at any time. Very empowering.

I absolutely recommend Icon Innovations. There’s no spin and no rhetoric but lots of integrity and professionalism. The process is real, feet-on-the-ground, this-is-what-you-need-to-do stuff. Thank you so much Icon Innovations. I’m in a very, very different place to what I was a year ago.

Richard Andrew

Owner, Learn Implement Share

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Peter and his team at icon have been working with Macarthur since it’s establishment in 2002. Helping us build our brand identity, through creating dealership brochures, designing and building our website and coming up with our dealer tag line of “Macarthur, Mercedes-Benz Country”.

With Peter’s in-depth understanding of both e-commerce and print media, we have grown to rely on him for all of our print advertising, billboard advertising, newsletters, e-communications and website maintenance, completing in excess of 100 joint projects together. Their efficient and consultative approach allows you to focus on running your business, knowing there is someone there to take care of all your advertising and promotional needs.

I would have no hesitation in recommending icon innovations for all of you advertising and branding promotions.

Daniel Waterfield

General Manager - Macarthur, Mercedes-Benz Country, Macarthur Mercedes-Benz

We needed a fresh, attractive website that represented the business and would leave viewers with a positive impression and encourage them to contact us. Our new website, thanks to Peter, is everything we hoped for. Peter especially came out to photograph the business and the photos are of high quality and really help capture “what we do”.

The tabs and menus are great and Peter has been brilliant at making any changes that were required or that we asked for.

Peter has also helped with the migration of the domain listing from our old provider. Very happy with the end product. Still experimenting to see what can be “tweaked” to make it work best. The field we are in is very competitive. If you need a good website to engage customers and make a first impression then I recommend Icon Innovations.

Jack Shannon

Owner, Dermatolgist, Second Skin Dermatology

Being in the competitive Bookkeeping and Accounting Business, I needed someone with a creative flare and great ideas to help my company advertise successfully.

I can confidently say Peter has not only filled all of the criteria he has gone beyond to improve my website with constant reliability and creativity.

Peter has an accommodating attitude. I’ve watched the traffic increase and new business flow.

It is because of such dedication on Peter’s part that my website has flourished and become a useful easy to use business tool.

Peter is an incredibly helpful person and his willingness to listen makes him the perfect business for my business and website development.

PS. David tragically passed away, Oct 2014, from a series of tragic accidents RIP

David Cameron

Owner, 123Books - The Tax Men

After my initial contact with Peter Wennersten I felt confident that he and his web design company, Icon Innovations , were very capable of designing and building a great web site which dealt with all aspects of the Eco-Gas product, and I was not disappointed with the end result.

As the website started to take shape Peter became more and more “into” the business concept and soon thought up many functional pieces that were implemented into the final design.

As such, Peter confirmed a genuine interest in my business and provided valuable insight into other facets which now receive positive comments from others.

The design process, professionalism, efficiency and great service are assured with Icon Innovations.

I would not hesitate to use Icon Innovations again and would highly recommend them to anyone who is contemplating a website.

Many thanks Peter for all your help.



EcoGas P/L, Eco-Gas - Diesel Engine Gas Enhancement

Thank You!!! Hi Peter,

We would like to say how great it was to work with you and what fantastic results we got. At every stage you were an absolute pleasure to work with and we have really enjoyed the process.

At the very beginning we had a very vague idea of what we would like to have but after a few meetings with you it started to become more and more clear and finally you brought an excellent product which excelled our expectations and we are proud to use.

Everything we got from you, the whole style, our logo and business cards are of top quality made with impeccable sense of taste. They make our studio stand out and we are absolutely sure they will boost our business.

Thank you so much for being so patient and for all you help.


Irina and Serge

Owners, Photographers, Silver Boat Photography

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