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You Can Sell Anything If You Can Sell Fresh Air

by Jul 22, 2016Creating Products, Entrepreneur

JULY, 2016
What can you sell today? If companies like these can sell ‘fresh air’ you can sell anything. How well it sells depends on how many really want it and what it takes to get your idea to market.
When you are looking for ideas, seek out the problems and then look at the solutions you can come up with. Using this formula of Pains, Gains and Jobs to be done breaks down the opportunity, the gains to be made and the tasks to make your idea come to life.

Looking at this new market as an example you can quickly see how this formula of 1. Pains 2. Gains and 3. Jobs to be done pans out.

You Can Sell Anything - Image from sfgate.com
Can You Sell Anything? The ‘Pulpit Air’ founders started to think about pollution

Pains In The Market

The ‘Pulpit Air’ founders started to think about pollution. It was quickly established there was enough pain for those living in polluted countries.

A Norwegian company is capitalising on the famous fresh air of the fjords, by canning it and selling it to people who want to experience a little bit of Norway when they get back home. ‘Pulpit Air’ is the name of the firm the three engineers registered on 25 May this year. The company will sell cans of bottled compressed air to China, according to the Stavanger Aftenblad.

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If you’re still complaining about the use of bottled water you might want to set your angst onto a new emerging industry: canned fresh air. Yes, you read that right – premium fresh air is now being packaged in aluminum cans and is quickly selling out on the Chinese e-commerce website Taobao.

Canned air sells big in China – SFGate

“premium fresh air is now being packaged in aluminum cans and is quickly selling out on the Chinese e-commerce website Taobao”

Gains to be made

It’s hard to believe that something as vital and free as fresh air is hard to come by for so many today.

While the product is currently being sold in tourist shops, it’s unsurprising that Knupper has ambitions to market the product to consumers in cities such as Beijing, where the air pollution frequently rises to dangerous levels.

Famed Williamsburg hipster Dan Ozzi, Canadian entrepreneurs Moses Lam and Troy Paquette are probably the only others to ever try to capitalize on the concept of retailing fresh air. Their company Vitality Air started out as a joke, but after selling their second bag on eBay for $168 Canadian dollars ($122), it turned out they were really onto something.

Canned air sells big in China

Even though this started as a joke it’s an example of cheap testing in the market to validate your idea.

7.7 liters of fresh and pure Norwegian mountain air has up to 160 user doses, according to the website pulpitair.com where the product is advertised as “Premium Norwegian Mountain Air”. “Now you can enjoy the purity of dramatic waterfalls, spectacular snow-capped peaks, crystal clear fjords, glaciers and outstanding fresh non-polluted air anywhere at any time.”

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The pain is now so acute that people stuck in terrible situations are prepared to pay for even one breath of clean, fresh air.

Jobs To Be Done

With so many struggling for breath It’s easy to feel the pain and the gains to be made for anyone that can provide a solution to provide purified or clean air. From these examples, you can see the different paths taken to get to market. Broken down you can see how quick it was to setup and gain a good return on investment.

Each 7.7-litre can contains about 160 shots, each of which is administered through a facemask. A can of the precious air will cost up to NOK150 (around $24).

Your Formula To Sell Anything

Today you can sell anything. There was a time when you would never have thought to buy water in a bottle! Today we don’t even take a moment to appreciate how ridiculous this is. [tweet_dis]No matter how far-reaching an idea might sound simply apply the formula of 1. Pains 2. Gains and 3. Jobs to be done when you are next planning for gold.[/tweet_dis]

What examples have inspired you for ideas that solve a problem? Are you interested in discovering ways to explore your market?

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