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Peter Wennersten - Icon InnovationsI love Innovations, especially as it applies to branding, marketing and creative communications. We partner with like-minded companies and organisations to help turn their businesses into brands and create simple ideas that become remarkable. Today, more than ever, it’s vital to be connected and engaged with everyone you deal with.

With this in mind, we offer these professional services:

  • Logo Development and Brand Management
  • Design, Marketing and Advertising
  • Direct Mail and Social Integration
  • Websites, Support and SEO

We are located in Sydney and offer a fresh new approach to communication methods, ideas, and creative execution. We love what we do and we’re quite good at it. Just ask our clients.

Strategy + Creativity

Creativity is most often associated with ‘design’ or ‘art’, something tangible, but is actually one of the basic elements of life that is all around us and even though many may argue, it’s something that is in all of us. At Icon Innovations we believe in marketing, creativity is the ability to listen and then to blend the right strategy with clear unique designs to produce a smart creative execution that speaks and engages your audience, it has to be guided by reason.

It all starts with research. Research is the primary source of information and information is where insights begin. Essentially, we first have to know who you’re talking to in order to determine how to communicate with them. What we do at Icon Innovations is develop every touchpoint of our clients’ communication efforts with the right balance of strategy and creativity. It’s a pragmatic process that works. It’s not rocket science… but sort of.

Once the research is done, the insight is unearthed, and the strategy is developed, we put our right brains to work on smart creative ideas and executions that are clever, simple and to the point. We know when we get it right when our audience responds. We call it the Nod Factor »

That, in a nutshell, is how we do it.

If you want to know more and get the ball rolling, check out our process 

Our Process

Ohh and one last thing… A touch of passion