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Blog Title Generator As A Lead Capture Generator

by Sep 18, 2016Creating Products

This Title Generator is a good example of a well-executed lead capture system. Documenting good exemplars is a great way to identify opportunities in your market, understand the processes involved and reduce the time and effort in setting up your own lead capture system. So what makes this title generator so effective and what opportunities are being set up by the owners?

Lead Capture Example – Blog Title Generator By SEOPressor

FREE tools are very popular especially if they offer a strong benefit and solve a problem in the market like this tool that generates proven headlines.

Give away something that is aligned to your core business. Make your offer of high value and high quality. A tool like this can become a great resource for your audience and a great way to bring potential new customers into your business. By providing a resource as solid as this you also build trust and a sense of value in any other product or service that is offered. Behind the scenes, they will be gathering lots of useful information like location, types of browser, times, countries, IP addresses and more. Not to mention pixel tracking to further extend the marketing efforts.

Interesting thought – Do they also capture and test the headlines generated for further testing and improvement of the title generator?


blog title generator

Extend your lead capture with Pop Ups.

POP up with strong lead capture offer for those not taking the headline bait and another for those that do opt for a headline.

Now that you have the headline, it naturally fits to provide techniques to make your chosen headline go viral! Of note here is the very clean design and the way this page scrolls to the second half of the page which only activates after you press the button.


lead capture

Make sure to avoid becoming a spammer.

The ‘Thank You’ page from your email delivery service with the double opt-in spam catcher – well done once again.

Clicking this takes you to the second landing page on the main website with another strong offer at a great price.


title generator

An Oto Long copy single page with 4 book offer

Rather than going to a simple thank you page we land on an opportunity to pick up 4 more highly specialised SEO ebooks at a great price.

Why is this good practice?

  1. Adding value to what you have already committed to.
  2. Reinforces that you are in good well-researched hands – SEO experts.
  3. Not just taking your email address for a simple offer but getting you to commit to greater information.
  4. Getting a stronger commitment and greater understanding of the needs of the subscriber.
  5. Personal details + payment details – a customer willing to hand over cash – Not an easy thing to do these days.
  6. Small payments like these enable SEOPressor to run out paid advertising campaigns to further test the market and attract new business into their higher end product funnels.


blog title generator
Here we are at the end of the page. I have to go through all the copy and only need to be attracted to one of the 4 books on offer to think this is a worthwhile opportunity.

Lots of value ad including testimonials which only reinforces the deal.

Notice – the standard attention grabbing headline and link to download the original offer from the POP Up – Almost forgot it…

This is a classic very well executed offer that reinforces SEOPressor as a premier thought leader and tool provider for SEO services and tools.

What this says is they know SEO at a very high level, they want you to win with this service by using their knowledge and the SEOPressor plugin on your website.


lead capture
When looking at your business do the research to identify lead making opportunities, like this title generator, that align to your core business. If the research shows there is a hungry market then you know it is worth spending the time to set up your tools, resources and reports to solve your market’s problem. Not only will you provide value to your audience but more importantly build trust in your services and further your lead generating opportunities.
At the very least you can generate some additional income and more opportunities to engage with your fans.
If you have read this far, did you find this example useful? Have you come across setups similar to this title generator? If you are interested in sharing or would like to discuss lead capture opportunities for your business please contact us.

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