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Joanne Fedler

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The Joanne Fedler Challenge

As an internationally bestselling author of 10 books Joanne Fedler has never been short of ideas or vision. Joannes conviction that your story – as un-special or unimportant as you may think it is – is a story of survival. And there’s someone out there who needs to hear it. Delivering on the promise of taking her tribe from zero to published is the goal. Planning, consolidating and setting the right pace is the ongoing challenge.

I know it can’t be easy to tame the chaos that is me, but he’s done it (with so much more still to come – this is just the start). And today is the big reveal. I hope you love it as much as I do

The Solution

Joanne’s vision of taking your story from zero to published is now a reality. By listening we were able to clearly outline a plan to bring all these ideas together and line them up to achieve a unified platform to deliver the marketing plus the Mentoring and Course work. The development of the new brand identity was detailed and deeply personal for Joanne but well worth the effort for all of us. The next task was to bring all the course ideas and current course materials into two separate projects. The first to develop and launch the marketing platform you now see at Joanne Fedler, the other to continue the brand story on the all new membership site.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]You know, I love those extreme makeover TV shows where you watch a person or a place transform. My favourite moment is the ‘big reveal.’ In the past few months I’ve been undergoing my own extreme makeover – rebranded, a new logo, a new website, a new business plan.[/tweet_box]

The membership site brought together all the different training experiences Joanne had onto one unified platform. Not only does this make things easier to develop new material but also manage the courses already under way. A new platform enabled us to use all the current teaching methods of rewards, video training and training manual distribution, progress tracking and gamification. Providing one training architecture also enables easier participant tracking and ongoing skills training to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Building a brand doesn’t need to be an all or nothing prospect. By being clear about your goals you can start small and build out or just simply break the components down and do them one at a time. One thing is clear though, once you have the foundation and direction everything else you do is more focused, builds and makes a truly wonderful business.


Branding Identity


Website & Social Design


Marketing Strategy

  • Desktop Traffic 55% 55%
  • Mobile Traffic 40% 40%
  • Direct Traffic 80% 80%
  • Increase in Users 60% 60%
  • Traffic Increase 95% 95%

A New Brand to launch Your Story

Whenever you see the myriad components of a brand come together it is very rewarding. For Joanne Fedler this marks the start of an era providing a new home and training facility to a thriving online community. A common outcome is seeing businesses, owners and staff being re-energised and more enthusiastic about their work which directly impacts their customers. Results to date are great with increased site traffic and enquiry and a deepening relationship with existing writers.

So far the feedback has been very positive, refreshing, as they say. What do you think?

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