Icon Innovations


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Do you know any business owner that would like to have more
engaged customers that become their brand advocates?


Icon Innovations helps local business owners who don’t have enough customers, who don’t have enough time, resources and money to build a loyal passionate and engaged following in as little as 1 year by building a social switchboard to connect and engage with their brand advocates that saves time, effort and expense.

Are you a business owner that would like to have more engaged customers that become your brand advocates?


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Need to start your marketing success cycle?

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  • Create or improve your brand image
  • Identify your market and score with the right tools
  • Sharpen your tools and broadcast to your market
  • Open new doors, test and then do it all again


No matter where you or your business lies in the marketing cycle the secret to unlocking the profits in your business is simple. Each proven small business marketing idea you understand and apply is like a key, opening doors to more clients and bigger profits. And the more marketing tactics you use to market your business, the more you’ll make.


[two_columns_last] [accordion] [panel title=” Your Brand Image”] The first stage for great results is to have a clear brand identity that is consistently run across all your media activities… Find out more [/panel] [panel title=”Your Presence”] Once you have a clear brand Image its important to make sure you are seen in all the relevant media for your product or service… Find out more [/panel] [panel title=”Position”] Having an image and being positioned sets the foundation to build your presence with SEO, articles and social media blends… Find out more [/panel] [panel title=”Dialogue”] To complete the cycle and continue to gain greater results you need to communicate with your audience and your customers… Find out more [/panel] [/accordion] [/two_columns_last]