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These two questions and one method to learn fast will help lead your market or discover a new one.

Change is here, there is no going back. Today it’s time to stop and reflect. To observe and lean into your future with what you know and the skills you have gathered and honed.

What makes today the best day to change?

Think or the last time you traveled to a different country. Yes it will happen again. The things people did and said, how they interacted, the food the services and products that are done and made and sold differently on a daily basis. Some people do this for a living and take what they see and apply it in different markets. Whenever we travel we see things in new ways, with new eyes. 

Today we are all united in the same experience. This experience is the start of a new way of life. Now is the best time to capture this. To honour and lament and grieve, but most important of all is to learn, document and adapt. To observe, to change. We can start with two questions and one method on how to learn fast using our talents and gifts. Then combine with others to build and prosper.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Two questions to help as navigate in change

OK so its two questions combined with two x 50 minute free writing sessions. This is how you learn a new skill fast. 🙂 Do the exercise and learn. Reflect on what you write then implement and share it. Free writing means on Paper. No rules. No grammar or spelling. The purpose is to get everything in your head down and onto paper. Organising, expanding and adding can come later. Answer these two questions. Take a break between the two.

A. What has changed in my market forever?

B. How can I serve my market?

A bonus option you can do after this is to write down 15 things you can change or do in your market, your work or life to serve in your new market. Anyone trying to make old ways fit the new reality will most likely fail. Look at where Nokia was and where they are now after Apple shook the cart?

One Skill on How to Learn Anything Fast.

Learning is lifelong. It never stops. Reading and absorbing is key but if that is all you do then it’s only shallow learning or entertainment.

The key to learning is output. The steps to learning are:

1. learn
2. reflect
3. implement
4. share

For true mastery, you need to focus more on the OUTPUT, rather than the INPUT

– Nishant Kasibhata

2 to 4 are output. It’s more about the output than the learning. A golden rule shared here is for every unit of Input ie. learning spend 2x on output. By doing and sharing you learn fast.

You can watch the full video below.

0 – Intro and example
7:45 – Start of lesson
10:30 – How do you learn


If you find this useful, have done the exercises and would like to explore the changes in your market then book a session. I am also exploring on the new path. If you would like to hear more or collaborate then shout out, share and comment below.


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