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How To Make Waves In Social Media Marketing with Anchor

by Mar 2, 2016Marketing, Podcasts, Social Media

I first came across Anchor by reading an article in medium by Gary Vaynerchuk. For social media marketing it just gave a really clear demonstration of how he had produced that article by creating a quick audio on how he uses anchor to create content and that coupled along with me listening to this on medium and reading it on medium, it really blew my mind with possibilities.

The thing I love about the article was, single focus, clear demonstration. So I’d really like to know what ideas anybody else has of how they could create waves or put things together in a single focused way to demonstrate how great anchor is and how it can be used as a medium to teach or demonstrate single ideas.

I have also been following the waves with an eye to social media marketing, that is what anchor calls a discussion and the responses or additional waves that make up these unique conversations. One example on there of how combining one message with a promotion of another #waveeffect with #withmalala where if promoted by the listeners, donations will be automatically given to the Malala project. Great idea well used to get a wave into action.

Anchor runs with the banner of “Radio by the people”. Users record two minute soundbites, or less, which are discovered by listeners who can respond creating a longer wave or podcast if you like. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Anchor as a social media marketing medium it is similar to twitter, but I believe easier and far richer as you relate more to voice and personality.[/social_quote]So you could say it’s like twitter with personality. By the way the integration is strong with each recording combines with hashtags and short descriptions for sharing

So for developing social media content I put these thoughts under the hashtag of #WaveRiding and I would love to hear what everyone else thinks about single focused ideas and how they could use Anchor.

Listen to “What wave ideas do you have to teach, inspire or make change #WaveRiding #waveeffect #withmalala” by Peter Wennersten https://anchor.fm/w/9AE52F

As you can hear I used this wave as the basis of the article I wrote above which took way less time and just needed a little more fleshing out to explain Anchor and this demonstration. Another point to mention is the on-boarding to Anchor through the iPhone app is incredible. By the time you finish you are already well on the way.

Tip, be natural, treat this like you are having a conversation and not just trying to deliver an elevator speech in two minutes. Hope to see you all in the surf riding the waves.


Interesting Social Experiment using Anchor

Here is another great social experiment using Anchor for #36questions to see how two strangers would go getting to know each other using audio. Its worth following these two as they get to learn about each other through these questions and how the relationship develops in such a short space of time. This could also be great as an interviewing platform?

https://women.asiaone.com/women/relationships/36-questions-make-you-fall-love-according-psychologist-arthur-aron36 questions to make you fall in love, according to psychologist Arthur Aron – AsiaOne The 36 questions are carefully designed to structure and develop a close relationship among peers by forcing “sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personalistic self-disclosure”. Originally created in 1997, the questions are receiving increased …

New Twitter Audio Cards

Anchor just announced their new twitter Audio Card which happens each time you save to twitter from your wave as you save it. This is great news for Anchor and for twitter. Now your followers can hear you and your personality and you have a neat way to streak past the character barrier, it’s even easier than actually typing!

Virtual Reality goes mainstream

Super retailer Myer and eBay have created the World’s First Virtual Reality Department Store – brought to you by eBay and Myer. This is a very well thought out idea and nicely executed. It’s well worth searching out the video to see what its all about. This is significant as its the first real example outside of gaming that I believe will bring in a completely new medium and outlet for retailers.

Ed Dales thoughts on the latest AI battles

Ed Dale is now on anchor and shares his thoughts on the AI battle Apple started and the possible outcomes and benefits for all of us working out this new voice interface.


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