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We will call you to discuss your business branding needs, after which the following will occur…

  • 1 We send you our design brief.
  • 2 Our branding designer will call you if clarification is needed.
  • 3 Receive your design concepts within 9-14 days.
  • 4 Your final designs will be provided for download in formats suitable for any application.

Work one-on-one with our logo designer!

Working directly with our designer has several benefits that can produce a substantial difference to the outcome of your logo design project. Here is a summary of those benefits…

  • 1 Your details are given straight to our branding specialist, no intermediary.
  • 2 Our own logo designer works with you to explore any potential design challenges.
  • 3 You will be going over your project together with the individual creating your business logo.
  • 4 Our logo designer resides in Australia so you’re able to converse over regular business hours.

Having our designer connect with you directly will provide them a greater understanding of your requirements and that of your company. This has proved a clear advantage to existing clients, especially regarding long term branding strategies.

For additional consistency with your marketing and branding we will continue utilising the same designer.

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