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The best tasting produce is the one that can be traced by species, place and time.

Fishing In The New Economy

To a Sustainable Future.

The Challenge

A chance meeting between Tom Kime, Sajad and Belinda in mid 2010 started what is today a thriving Sustainable Seafood Café – Fish And Co in Sydney.

Very quickly they realised that they could fulfil their passions and make Fish & Co a reality. Even faster was the way they brought this all together to have a new premises, branding and website open and ready in early August 2010.

As a friend of Sajad I was asked if we could meet and plan their online branding, Website and social marketing strategy with the sustainable seafood cafe core idea soon catching fire in all of us. The challenge in this sector was to empower customers through accountability, education, sharing and demonstration that together as consumers we can make a significant difference in the seafood industry.

By launch date we had what is now fishandco.com.au a place where anyone interested can learn about responsible fishing and the species that are not only very tasty but also not under threat. Blending the fish with Toms other passion for natural Asian flavours has only made the Fish & Co story even stronger.

The Solution

Today we are aiming to build the brand in all areas and have the web site as a repository for information of not only sustainable seafood and fishing but also other sustainable business practices. Combine this with regular posted updates, Videos, booking and shopping facilities as well as regular cooking classes and events. We hope to develop a passionate long term following of customers not only looking to share a great night out with high quality food but also the knowledge that they are now directly contributing to the solutions and spreading the good news.

As Tom has so clearly spelt out Fish & Co believe that we can all enjoy eating seafood for years to come, if we consciously decide to only use certified sustainable catch. If we look after our marine environments then the fish will do the rest for us for nothing.

Wherever possible the fish and seafood will be certified sustainable from the Marine Stewardship Council. In 2013 Fish & Co became the first NSW restaurant to be fully certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. This enables them to have a full traceable chain of custody to all the fisheries and suppliers used by Fish & Co. Customers are be able to check the restaurant fish back to the boat and sector of ocean that it was fished. This restaurant certification is a transparent guarantee of environmental sustainability. This system is proving very popular with restaurants and consumers in England, Europe and America.

All of Fish & Co’s fish has been sourced and checked to ensure that it comes from sustainable sources so that we can protect the future of our oceans and our love of fish.

Tom has long been an advocate of sustainable fishing and has won the World Gormand Award for Best SUstainable Book 2011 for his Travel cook book collaboration with Bart Van Olphen – Fish Tales which, if you are interested, you can find out more on at fish & Co

To a Sustainable Future


Corporate Branding


Website & Social Design


Marketing Strategy

Mobile Boosts Reservations

Mobile Refresh

Mobile Traffic continues to grow with the greatest gain showing in Online Reservations.

Built for all devices

One site for all devices is where you need to be before you need to consider dedicated applications.

Be Where The Fish Are

Know your audience, listen, educate and delight. The rest will follow.

  • Mobile Traffic 35% 35%
  • Website Traffic 80% 80%
  • Conversion Rate 65% 65%
  • Email Subscribers 20% 20%

The Results Continue to Grow

The Greatest pleasure we have all had is to see how hungry and loyal customers are to the sustainable seafood story.
To simply knowing where your fish has come from and that with a little effort we can all make a significant contribution to the serious issue of a sustainable seafood supply.

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