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Online Learning for Maths Teachers

The Challenge

For many years Richard Andrew had been custom designing and producing online training programs for his peers. As a head math teacher his passion has always been to empower teachers with skills and techniques to bring out the best in students. He has found that if students are connected, engaged and encouraged then the best results are delivered for all. In the early days the only real tools he had were Moodle and rudimentary recording apps. This empowered Richard to become a great hacker, a man who could find ways to put just about anything together. This lead Richard to developing online training programs for teachers full time for other providers. It became clear in time that Richard and a few others in the industry had a clear vision of where teaching teachers and schools as a whole needed to go. It was time to build his own teaching and marketing platform. The issues here were how to build or utilise the best online delivery systems and then build an online presence to hang his shingle. By launch date we had what is now learnimplementshare.com a place where teachers can come, learn about Richard’s and Anita’s methods, become inspired and join in on delivering better experiences to their students, our children.

The Solution

As always the first step is to listen then ask questions. As a complete package it was important to demonstrate the importance of building your own home, a website and domain where you control the brand, the message and all its content. From here your message can go out and come back, to build a cycle that connects to your audience and begins the process of growing your tribe.

The method employed here is to develop lots of great content, structured and aimed at just the right people. While Content Marketing may take longer it is a well proven method for building a strong authority presence in your market. However, to begin with Richard needed a great platform to deliver all his existing and future course work. To deliver his training I introduced Richard to Adam Brimo who was just starting to release his new online learning platform called OpenLearning. Adam and Richard immediately connected with the shared vision of what teaching and learning should be and the best way to deliver and engage with the teaching. Richard quickly learned and migrated all his courses onto OpenLearning as his first big step.

This experience was so successful it lead Richards original provider to also switch over from their own legacy system. This along with OpenLearning’s phenomenal worldwide growth speaks volumes for how you will receive and engage with Richard and Anita Chin through their training. While the migration was taking place we began the groundwork and research for building a market specific, content rich, wordpress website. At every step we worked closely with Richard to guide and teach him each step as required. As we built the site we went through several options and training on how to search, prepare and write specific content. Content creation is what Richard does so he was able to quickly see the benefits of specific targeted articles. Together we crafted an outline and system that he now follows to publish high quality regular content. We now had the site, the courses and the content so pricing and payment gateways were set and connected.

This left us with social account creation and connections to deliver and engage with his articles. One of the most pleasing aspects of this project has been the ability to push through barriers, adapt and learn new things. I remember one of our earliest conversations where Richard very clearly stated what he wasn’t prepared to do. Things he perceived were not important, to time consuming or to difficult. Yet by breaking things down and tackling them when they need to be done, Richard is now empowered with not only how to do the marketing but also the systems to deliver the marketing tasks.

As an additional side note Richard has also empowered me to begin developing what we did here as an online course for anyone interested in following in his footsteps. Keep an eye out. Currently Richard is delivering and running his successful courses in a more fluent and cohesive manner with happy, engaged students. Learn Implement Share is open and chock full of great content. This has even inspired Richard to develop and rework older training, starting from his articles, setting up the course pages and payment gateways through to reworking and loading the training. Many of his articles are already in top 1st page positions for very competitive keywords. Traffic and interest is growing. Here’s to a future of multiplying success

I needed a marketing website to promote and sell professional online courses for teachers. The courses had already been running for years under another organisation’s banner but I wanted to start marketing my own product OS. I worked with Pete from Icon Innovations. Pete took me from knowing nothing about WordPress, nor principles behind a content based marketing website, nor the process of creating content, nor SEO and schooled me at my own pace in all those things and more. He built the basic site and then trickle fed me the ‘How to’s’ of Word Press so that I could drive the beast myself. Now I have a fully fledged marketing site for my business Learn Implement Share from which courses can be purchased, have a system to crank out regular articles, and can perform almost any WP task/edit I want at any time. Very empowering. I absolutely recommend Icon Innovations. There’s no spin and no rhetoric but lots of integrity and professionalism. The process is real, feet-on-the-ground, this-is-what-you-need-to-do stuff. Thank you so much Icon Innovations. I’m in a very, very different place to what I was a year ago.
Richard Andrew

Owner, Learn Implement Share


Corporate Branding


Website & Social Design


Marketing Strategy

  • Mobile Traffic 35% 35%
  • Website Traffic 80% 80%
  • Conversion Rate 65% 65%
  • Email Subscribers 20% 20%

Multiplying results

It’s always important to have the whole picture when planning to execute on your new business. What I did learn here though was the value of being able to break the large overwhelming picture into bite size chunks. Learn one thing, execute that then move to the next. Richard with his vast experience doing just that in creating online training programs also proved he could apply these same techniques in building his online marketing machine.