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Lifting The Veil

The Challenge

Late in 2007 we were asked to meet with Mrs. Efrosini Stefanou-Haag, Head of College St Spyridon College Sydney.

Although we are not Greeks ourselves, we immediately connected and identified with the needs of this unique college and their desire to grow beyond the community they have served since their establishment in 1983 by the St. Spyridon Parish of South East Sydney, under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

St. Spyridon students come from 20 different cultural backgrounds. They all share a caring environment that promotes educational excellence. The philosophy at St Spyridon College is to prepare young people to take their place in a rapidly changing world with confidence and success.

They gave us invaluable insights into what we needed to do to “lift the veil” from our school, which they described as a hidden treasure. They assist us greatly in adopting an annual planned and coherent schedule of marketing and promotional activities.

Mrs. Efrosini Stefanou-Haag

Head of College, St Spyridon College

The Solution

Having done our research it became very clear that not only was everything they said planned and in progress but that they also walked the talk, our task was then to simply clarify the brand and then promote it to the wider community while serving the St Spyridon family, we called it “lifting the veil”.

Our tasks to date have been to develop their online brand, Website and marketing strategy including branding of internal and external media including Newsletters, Stylus, press ads, displays and posters.

Today we continue to build the St Spyridon brand in all areas and have the web site as a repository of information not only for the St Spyridon Community but more importantly for any family or child seeking a high standard of educational excellence enthused with that famous Greek passion and hospitality.

It has been a joy to see our efforts to date encourage and add more students to the St Spyridon community but even more so to see past students flourish in their university degrees or chosen career and of the fond memories and friendships they hold of St Spyridon College.


Corporate Branding


Website & Social Design


Marketing Strategies

  • Overall Enquiries 25% 25%
  • Website Traffic Increase 40% 40%
  • Community Projects 65% 65%
  • New Student acquisition 35% 35%

Behind The Veil

While St Spyridon College has steadily grown over the last 9 years with a deeper ethnical mix. The quality and passion of the teaching and the results gained by students has remained as high as ever. The primary issues now are how to expand on the limited space available. While the branding is well established, our role today is more balanced between serving the St Spyridon community through dedicated online memberships and spreading the good news.

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